Lansdowne Middle School

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Lansdowne 1: Across from the Esso station, along Lansdowne Road

Lansdowne 2: Behind the car wash at Petro-Canada

Lansdowne 3: Next to the school parking lot

Lansdowne 4: Far corner close to school



Topaz Park

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Topaz 1: Grass field above the hardball diamond

Topaz 3 (Topaz 2 - Fall Ball): Lower hardball diamond

Topaz 4 (Topaz 3 - Fall Ball): Upper skinned diamond next to tennis court

Topaz Turf: Turf soccer field closest to corner of Blanshard St. and Finlayson St.



MacDonald Park

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MacDonald 1: Closest to school

MacDonald 2: Old fastpitch diamond

MacDonald 3: Near washrooms

MacDonald 4: Closest to parking lot



Bullen Park

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Bullen 1: Far corner closest to Esquimalt Recreation Centre

Bullen 2: Closest to parking lot by concession



Heywood Park

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Heywood Park: Far corner of Beacon Hill Park (corner of Southgate St. and Heywood Ave. Parking along Arbutus Way or in parking lot by playground.

NO PARKING along Heywood Ave. - residential parking only.



Colville Fields

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Colville 1: Fenced diamond

Colville 2: Diamond closest to road

Colville 3: Far diamond

Colville Rules: No jumping the fence, no coolers, no dogs. Residents will call to get your car towed if parked in marked residential area.



Reynolds High School

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Reynolds: Corner of Borden and McKenzie



Shoreline Community Middle School

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Shoreline #1: Diamond closest to the parking lot